This palace is dedicated to the beautiful poetess-musician Rai Parveen, who is said to have been the paramour of king Indrajit. The besotted king built this three-storeyed palace for her in 1618. Also called the Nightingale of Orchha by many, it is said that the reputation of her beauty and talent reached the Mughal court as well. Legend has it that once emperor Akbar sent orders for Rai Parveen to be sent to Delhi. Since the Orchha kingdom was under the supremacy of the Mughals, the command could not be disobeyed and Rai Parveen departed for Akbar's court in 1602.

The poetess, however, did not shy away from expressing her feelings and wrote a couplet that read "Viniti Rai Praveen ki, suniye Shah Sujan, juthi patar bhakat hain, bari, bayas, swan." This was indicative of the message that Rai Parveen was the beloved of another person and it would be against the dignity of the emperor to use her. Akbar was impressed with her intelligence and allowed her to return to Orchha laden with gifts and prizes. Today, a sound and light show is organised in the fort that relates the story of Rai Parveen.

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