Gudalur's name was derived from the words: koodal (meeting) + ooru (town). It lies at such an intersection that it acts as a tri-point getaway to the three states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. One can find several tea estates here, and the region is largely dependent on the industry for its economy. Gudalur is enriched with a vast variety of flora and fauna; there are hill crops on the higher altitude and coconut and rice plantations on the lower valley. Tourists can also visit Needle Rock Viewpoint, Frog Hill, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Devala Landscape, Cherambady Mines, Nellakotta Fort, Hanging Bridges, Genepool Garden and so much more! The Genepool Garden has over 47,000 plants and a museum of butterflies, and is the second best of its kind in the world. The town of Devala in Gudalur is also known as Cherrapunjee of the South, thanks to the amount of rainfall it receives annually.

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