The Dhamma Chakra Stupa or Deekshabhoomi is a popular Buddhist monument in Nagpur. It is an architectural marvel known for a large Buddhist stupa located inside its premises. Built by renowned architect, Sheo Dan Mal, the entire structure is made of Dholpur sandstone, marble and granite, and stands towering at a height of 120 ft . The large arched doors of the complex are adorned with the Ashok Chakra and statues of elephants, horses and lions. The massive hollow dome of the stupa is surrounded by imposing fountains, which add to the beauty and grandeur of the stupa complex.

Thousands of Buddhist pilgrims visit this place every year and the number swells on the Conversion Ceremony Day of the University of Nagpur or Dhamma Chakra Pravartan Din. The stupa complex also houses a vihara and a Bodhi tree that rests right in front of the stupa. This is an idyllic site to meditate as the surrounding tranquility leaves you feeling relaxed.

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