The Warli tribe is among the largest tribes of Maharashtra region and lives on the outskirts of Mumbai, in the North Sahyadri region. The womenfolk of this tribe paint indigenous paintings and art known as Warli tribal wall paintings. These are generally done on the mud walls of their houses. This art form can be traced back to 10th century AD but was first discovered and appreciated for its distinctive style only in the early 70s. It generally takes inspiration from normal life routine and surroundings. The tribes of this region living across the cities from Dahanu, Mokhada, Talasari and pockets of Palghar district believe that nature is the best teacher and also their biggest benefactor. Activities from daily life like farming, food gathering, village life and elements from nature and wildlife are typical characteristics of this ethnic art. The colours and materials used for the paintings are derived from nature like brown and orange from henna, indigo from dye, red from bricks and white from thick rice paste. Cleverly modified bamboo sticks are used as paint brushes to create the paintings.

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