The city of Mumbai lies on the coastline of Maharashtra and to protect it, many forts were constructed in its long history. One of those is the Vasai Fort, also known as Bassein Fort, significant militarily to oversee the surrounding areas of Mumbai, Thane and Saashti. Located in the Vasai suburb of North Mumbai, the walls of the fort, though in ruins, still have enough in them to make you wonder at its architectural marvel. Due to its strategic location, the fort has witnessed many battles. It was under the control of the Portuguese army till the early 18th century. The Maratha kingdom, under the leadership of Bajirao Peshwa, waged a few battles to claim it for their own. After the initial unsuccessful attempt in 1737 to capture Vasai, the Maratha leader Chimajiappa, was handed over this task. A lot of research and reconnaissance went into planning the next attack and after a swift and well-planned guerilla campaign, the Maratha army finally captured the fort in 1739. The remnants of chapels, watchtowers and staircases in the ruins of this fort under the cover of large palm trees tell many stories from that time period. Because of its history as a Portuguese settlement, there are a few graves with carvings in Latin and remains of an ancient church that can also be seen. The ramparts, arches and watchtowers are hauntingly beautiful and many visitors prefer to shoot their wedding photos here. The wild overgrown vegetation as well as coconut and palm tree cover adds to the beauty of the wilderness. There are a few trails that let you go up to the edge of the fort from where gorgeous views of the Ulhas river and the setting sun can be seen. The fort has also been used as a location for many Bollywood films like Josh,  Khamoshi and Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag. 

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