One of the more popular attractions of Mumbai, the Haji Ali complex houses the tomb of Muslim saint, Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari, and a mosque. Popular with photographers, this iconic monument can be seen from the shores of Mumbai and lies entirely on an island in the Arabian Sea, at a distance of about 500 yards from the mainland. According to legend, the saint was travelling to the holy city of Mecca, in present day Saudi Arabia, on a pilgrimage, when he passed away. His casket floated across the Arabian Sea and landed up along the coast of Mumbai, where a mosque was built around it. The structure has white domes and minarets reminiscent of Mughal architecture and is a renowned pilgrimage and tourist site popular with both Muslims and non-Muslims. Adjacent to the mosque is an 85-foot-tall marble minaret. Both the mosque and the minaret are made out of pure white solid marble with carvings and engravings, adorned with beautiful mirror work. An oft-repeated belief here is that whoever prays to saint Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari won't ever be disappointed. The monument is an oasis of peace and serenity, floating in the gentle blue waters of the sea, away from the chaos of the mainland. Live qawwali and sufi music performances take place on the premise on most afternoons. Thursdays and Fridays are special days at the dargah and there is a greater surge of devotees on these days. Those visiting here often offer prayers and ask for the fulfilment of their wishes and seek blessings from the saint in whose honour this site was constructed. On special religious occasions like Urs (death anniversary of the saint) and Eid (Islamic religious festival), this heritage monument is beautifully decorated and Islamic rituals are observed. 

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