Mumbai is a city of beguiling contrasts and its heart beats either in its financial district or in its film world. Colloquially known as Bollywood, home to almost the entire Hindi movie industry in the country, Mumbai is the best place to get yourself a film experience. For anyone who comes to Mumbai, Bollywood is usually high on the sightseeing itinerary. From mansions of movie icons and big film stars to locations where most shoots take place, Mumbai’s cab and auto-rickshaw drivers are full of stories and anecdotes. For those who want a more hands-on cinema experience but are unsure about how to get inside a film studio, a Bollywood Tour is the best option. It provides the perfect opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes on sets of big and small productions. Lucky visitors might just see some of the country’s biggest actors in action as well as get an insight into all the creative pain and effort that goes into the making of entertainment. The Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagri, in Goregaon’s Film City, offers many studio and film city tours organised by the Government of Maharashtra. Here cinema aficionados can watch television shoots, film shoots or even become an extra (background actor in a scene) for a day and understand the nuances of filmmaking. 

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