Its proximity to the sea gives Mumbai an edge over many other Indian cities when it comes to water sports. Thrill-seekers can experience some serious adrenaline rush and satiate their excitement with plenty of activities like sea kayaking in Mandwa and scuba diving and snorkelling in Malvan. Trekking and camping in Sahyadri, which is a haven for nature and wildlife enthusiasts is also a must-have experience. There is something for everyone in the city. For those looking for a more tranquil experience, there is an option of a leisurely boat ride to enjoy the beauty of nature. For budding ornithologists, a flamingo safari at the Coastal Marine Biodiversity Centre in Airoli, near Thane, is a good opportunity. The hour-long tour takes visitors in a speed boat across the mangroves of Mumbai. There are several sea forts along the coastline of Maharashtra, which are accessible by boat during high tide and touring them can be a unique experience. Murud Janjira, one such fort is a few hours drive from Mumbai. One can trek through a maze of old walls, gates, mosques, tombs, palace quarters and 60-ft-deep freshwater lakes inside the fort.  

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