Said to be named after sage Vashistha , one of the most revered Hindu sages, Vashisth (Vashisht) is located about 4 km from the hill town of Manali. This small village is known for its hot sulphur springs, whose waters are believed to have healing powers. Adjoining the springs is the Vashisht Temple, the highlight of the town. Said to be over 4,000 years old, this temple is dedicated to sage Vashisth (Vashisht). In close proximity lies another temple, which is dedicated to Lord Rama. 

These attractions apart, it is from this village that one gets the best views of River Beas and Old Manali. Most of the shops in this village sell woollen garments. The houses are built in the traditional style of thatched roofs with intricate woodwork, and one can simply stroll around the village to observe the local culture at close quarters.

Other Attractions in Manali