Mamallapuram offers many beautiful products that make shoppers flock to the various markets in this port town. Some of the best buys include Thanjavur paintings, papier mache, wood carvings, sandalwood carvings and jute products. Tourists can visit the Mt Road Market, which is famous for its handicraft stores. You can find good deals on replicas of sculptures in sandstone and granite, monolithic carvings, souvenirs and handicrafts and handmade sandals. You can also shop for seashell jewellery like exquisite neck pieces or funky earrings. Pashmina shawls, bronze statues and silk sarees are other popular items that can be found in the town. Another popular shopping spot is

The Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation, aiming to develop the handicrafts of the state and provide market outlets for artisans working with clay, stone, brass, wood, cane, bamboo, silk, etc., has opened several emporiums named Poompuhar, where you can buy beautifully handcrafted pieces.