Kaas pathar, also known as Kaas plateau, is a plateau of a million flowers and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to some rare endemic forms of flowers and sees a riot of colours during the monsoon months – July, August and September. Kaas was earlier part of the Deccan plateau that has had 29 volcanic lava flows over 20 crore years. As the newer layers of lava came, they continued to spread over the old lava and today there are several streams and rivers that eroded the layers to form pretty valleys and gorges. When the southwest monsoon arrives, the region receives approximately 2,500 mm of rain in three months. Every 15-20 days, the colours of the plateau change, as different species bloom and wither within a short span of time. More than 850 species of plants and flowers have been reported here, and the large diversity of flora has allowed for a significant research in botanical studies to take place.

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