Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had not been able to visit the temple of Bhavani Mata in Tuljapur and thus he decided to build his own in 1661. It has 50-ft-long wood pillars, 20 ft in width and 12 ft in height. Huge drums used to resound during festivals in the premises in the Nagada Hall at the entrance of the temple.


Artillery and cannons belonging to the Maratha soldiers are also on display here. The statue of Goddess Bhavani, draped in a saree, with eight arms (or ashtabhuja), sits in the inner shrine. The sword of Kanhoji Jedhe, Shivaji’s main captain credited with killing 600 soldiers from Afzal Khan’s army in the battle of Pratapgarh, is also worshipped in this temple.

Other Attractions In Mahabaleshwar