Overlooking the hills of the neighbouring nation of Myanmar and the mighty River Chhimtuipui, is the highest peak in the state of Mizoram, Phawngpui, which is also known as the Blue Mountain. As the region has a wide variety of flora and fauna, it has been declared a national park. Covering an area of about 50 sq km, the only way to explore the park is by trekking. The region is home to rare avian species like Blyth’s tragopan, Hume’s pheasant, dark-rumped swift along with mammals like the Asiatic black bear, slow loris, stump-tailed macaque, tiger, goral, capped langur and leopard.

The orchids and rhododendrons spread around the valleys make for an enchanting sight. One must not forget to tote their camera alongside as postcard-worthy views are likely to come by.

Other Attractions in Lunglei