Shahnajaf Imambara is a white-domed mausoleum constructed by Nawaz Ghazi-ud-din Haider at Paltan Ghat. He was the last wazir (minister) and the first king of the state of Awadh in 1816-1817, and has been buried at Shahnajaf, which is why this Imambara is also known as Karbala. His wives, Mubarak Mahal, Sarfaraz Mahal and Mumtaz Mahal, are also buried here. The Imambara was a tribute and symbol of his devotion to Caliph Hazrat Ali, the husband of Fatima, who is said to be the favourite daughter of Prophet Mohammed.

This structure is a replica of Hazrat Ali's burial edifice at Najaf in Iraq, and is situated on the banks of the River Gomti, near Sikanderbagh. It is flanked by the tomb of Mubarak Mahal on one side, which is an imposing silver and gold structure. Shahnajaf is exceptionally pretty on the 13th of Rajab, and between 7th and 9th Muharrum, according to the lunar calendar, when the birthday of Hazrat Ali is celebrated.

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