Named after the Hemis Monastery, Hemis Wildlife Sanctuary is spread across an area of 600 sq km. Comprising the catchments of Markha, Rumbak and Sumdah nalas, it is located on the west bank of the River Indus. Spotted with rocks and boulders, the Hemis Sanctuary's terrain is characterised by rugged valleys that have vast tracts of grasslands and several dense patches of shrubs and trees. The sanctuary has been identified as a snow leopard reserve and is also known for beasts that are usually found at such altitudes like the rare shapu, bharal, wolf, Pallas' cat, ibex, Tibetan argali and the Ladakh urial. Since the bharal and urial are found in large numbers here, it is easy to sight them. Over 30 species of avifauna have been spotted here, of which the most common are the Himalayan snow cock and the Chukar partridge.

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