A tour of Our Lady’s Convent is a unique experience where visitors can encounter elegant embroideries and needlework, for which the convent is a centre. Most of the lace, embroidered and crocheted fabrics reflect an old-world charm and are largely influenced by designs in Italy and Spain. However, modern designs are largely used now. There are a plethora of products on display and tourists can indulge in shopping to their heart's content. Some of these products can also be bought at Jews Street, Mattancherry. Many women are employed by the convent and perform exquisite embroidery work on handkerchiefs, sarees and table cloths. The convent receives orders from all over the world for its handmade and unique products. Legend has it that needlework came to Kerala through Christian missionaries and European nuns, who shared their skills with the women of Kochi. After the 9th century, Kochi became a centre for needlework of diverse kinds.

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