Located around 20 km from Kanpur, the town of Bithur, also spelt as Bithoor, is believed to be the birthplace of the sons of Lord Rama, Luv and Kush. It is also said that the epic Ramayana was composed here. Today, the city has several temples and bathing ghats that are regarded holy by the Hindus. One of the major landmarks in the city is a footprint, believed to be of Lord Brahma. Legend has it that Lord Brahma created the world at this spot. Bithur is also famous for an annual fair held in November on Kartik Poornima day.

Bithur is widely known for its association with the Independence Struggle of 1857. During the British rule, the city was a part of the district of Kanpur in the United Provinces. It was here that Baji Rao Peshwa, the chief minister of the Marathas, was banished after they were defeated. Peshwa’s adopted son, Nana Sahib, made the town his headquarters, which was captured by General Havelock in 1857.

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