Built in 1892, the fabulous mausoleum of Mahabat Maqbara is a fine example of Indo-Islamic architecture interspersed with Gothic influences. Currently, one of the landmarks of Junagadh, its construction began in 1878 by Mahabat Khanji, one of the Junagadh nawabs. It was completed in 1892 by his successor Bahadur Kanji. Its vertical pillars, windows, intricately carved stone walls and nicely designed arches are noteworthy. The most striking feature of the structure is the staircase encircling the minarets and domes of various sizes. The mausoleum is yellow-coloured and has an onion-shaped dome. The premises are generally locked but one can gain entry with permission from the authorities of the Jama Masjid lying adjacent to it. The mosque also has an exquisite architecture that is a sight to behold.

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