Located in the periphery of the city, Dhawa Doli Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a large number of blackbucks, cheetal and sambar, partridges, desert rats, antelopes, desert foxes and nilgai. The best time to visit it is at the crack of dawn or at dusk. Set out on a safari at the crack of dawn, as the sun peeks over the treetops, and birdsong reverberates through the lush forest. There are small water bodies inside the jungle, where you will find many of the residents of Dhawa Doli during the hot afternoons.

At dusk, many of the species come onto the forest paths, as they make their way deeper into the vegetation. You can catch a glimpse of herds of blackbucks and nilgai as they lumber down the road, stopping here and there to munch on the dewy grass.

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