Located on the outskirts of Jodhpur, Balsamand is known for the serene Balsamand Lake that is bordered by verdant gardens, where trees such as mango, papaya, pomegranate, guava, and plum grow in abundance, lending a sweet and fruity fragrance to the environment. The lake is also home to animals and birds like jackal and peacock. This artificial lake was built by Balak Rao Parihar in 1159 AD as a reservoir to meet the needs of the people of Mandore.

A small summer palace made of red sandstone stands on the shores of the lake, creating a panorama of Jodhpuri architecture set against the Aravalli Range, with an expanse of water reflecting the edifice in all its glory. Today, the palace serves as a heritage five-star hotel, hosting a blend of foreign and local tourists.

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