Jodhpur boasts an undulating landscape that is dominated by golden sand dunes. One can absorb the charm of the city by indulging in a three-day camp that is full of thrill, fun and excitement. The camps at Jodhpur allow one to relax and spend leisure time amidst the Thar Desert.

You can soak in the beauty of the desert, and enjoy a delicious Rajasthani spread comprising bajre ki roti, laal maas, makhaniya lassi and so much more, as a cool wind blows through the camp in the evenings. Sway to the tunes of Rajasthani folk songs as the sun dips into the horizon; warm your hands by the bonfire while exchanging tales of great adventures with your companions, or travel back in time as the locals regale you with tales of the maharajas and maharanis of Jodhpur.

Camping in the desert is a unique experience, providing modern amenities with all the joys of a true-blue outdoor adventure. You get to experience a side of Rajasthan that is wholly unique but perhaps the most magnificent.

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