Located 18 km from Nagarjuna Sagar, the Ethipothala Waterfall is famous for its stunning natural beauty. The fall cascades from a height of 22 m to join the Krishna river. The sound of gushing water echoes all around the landscape. Three streams merge to form this beautiful waterfall, namely, Nakka Vagu, Tummala Vagu and Chandravanka Vagu. A crocodile breeding centre nearby makes for an interesting excursion. On can also visit two popular temples, Ranganatha and Dattatreya, at the site.The name 'Ethipothala' has been taken from the Sanskrit word 'Etitaposthal', which means a place for penance. It is believed to be the place where saints have performed rigorous penance. There are several caves in the vicinity that visitors would enjoy exploring.

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