One of the most famous mementos of Assam that tourists like to take back with them is the Japi hat or headgear, which makes for a great wall decoration item as well. The conical Japi hat holds immense importance in the Assamese culture and is  presented to all dignitaries and eminent personalities visiting the state.

This colourful large-sized hat was once used by farmers and cowherds to protect them from the scorching sun and rain. Japis are of two types: while the bigger Haaluwa Japi is usually worn by farmers, the Gorokhiya Japi is smaller in size and is worn by cowherds. The headgear is also worn by the Bihu dancers of Assam apart from being used in religious activities. Colourful pieces of fabrics are stitched together to decorate the Japi hats, which are a must-buy item during a trip to Assam.

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