Attracting wildlife enthusiasts and adventure lovers, the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve houses a wide collection of flora, fauna and birds, including some rare species. Located at a distance of 48 km from Srinagar (Gulmarg town is around 50 km from Srinagar), it covers an area of about 180 sq km. The reserve lies at an altitude varying between 2,400 and 4,300 m above sea level. While the main attraction is musk deer, you can also spot hangul, serow, brown bear, leopard, red fox and black bear in the reserve's dense forests. Conifers dominate the forest, accounting for 90 per cent of the vegetation.

As for the avifauna, you will come across a large number of pheasants and upland birds. Besides, there are griffon, vulture, monal, snow cock, koklas, blue rock pigeon, Kashmir roller, European hoopoe and jungle crow, among others. The reserve is considered to be a paradise for ornithologists and is open between 10 am and 4 pm every day. Adventure lovers can choose to stay at the camp located next to the reserve. If you wish to spot mammals, September to March is the best time to visit the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve. But in case you are going for birdwatching, the right time is in the months of March, April and May. This is also the time when flowers bloom dotting the landscape with varied colours.

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