Used to produce melodious tunes, a singing bowl is a musical instrument that produces sound when it is struck, scraped or shaken. An inverted bell-like structure, it comes in various sizes, and for more delicate sounds you can buy the smaller bowls, while for deeper tunes, the larger bowls are preferred. Usually, a mallet is used to strike the singing bowls. Since music has often been believed to be an important component of meditation and healing, the bowls are used in spiritual purposes. It is said that the sounds that the bowls produces give energy that is used to join the broken frequencies of soul, body and mind.

The most common method of making a singing bowl is hammering a flat metal sheet by at least three people into a bowl shape. The edges are bent and hammered until they are smooth. Another method of making the bowl is by pouring molten metal in a mould. The other part of the bowl, the neck, is formed by welding it with the bowl, after which it is polished. This method produces sounds that are longer lasting. The bowl is embellished by enamelling mainly.

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