Very rarely does one come across a temple as unique as the Masroor Temple, while travelling in the northern part of India. Popularly known as the Himalayan Pyramid, the temple complex is an important archaeological site dating back to the 8th and 9th centuries. All the 15 temples here are believed to have been carved out of a single rock. Located 40 km from Dharamsala, this temple complex is popular for its distinguished architecture.

As you enter the complex, you will be left mesmerized by the beautiful sight of the temple getting reflected in the Masroor Lake, located nearby. Built in the shikhara (spire) style of architecture, the rock-cut temples in the complex date back to the monolithic age. They share a stark resemblance with the temples at Cambodia's Angkor Wat, Mumbai's Elephanta Caves and Mahabalipuram. 

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