The keeper of culture and tradition of the region, the Norbulingka Institute is a popular tourist attraction. It is a unique, self-sustaining institute that has been maintaining traditions for generations. One can get a first-hand experience of Tibetan art here that is produced using methods that have been practised and passed down for many centuries. Built in the traditional Tibetan style, the institute is situated in a valley below the city of Dharamsala. Exploring the beautiful campus can be an occupying activity. You can interact with local artisans practicing the art forms of thangka painting and applique, statue-making and decorative wood carving, wood painting, weaving and tailoring, and buy great souvenirs. The Losel Doll Museum in the premises has over 150 dolls in traditional costumes from various regions of Tibet. These were made by artist monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery as part of a project to support their monastery. Visitors can also get to the round-the-year open Hummingbird Cafe and enjoy a wide variety of delicacies. The flagship shop at Norbulingka offers a range of products created at the institute, from handcarved furniture to clothing line to thangkas.

Other Attractions In Dharamsala