This lush national park is situated at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas and has rich vegetation (primarily tall elephant grass) and a variety of wildlife. The only way to move about in the park is on elephant-back or in a 4x4 safari jeep.

Sprawling over 216 sq km, this forest is the home of the Asiatic one-horned rhino; given the endangered status of the animal, the park was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1941. Today, the sanctuary holds the highest rhino population in the country after Kaziranga National Park.

Other animals that can be found here include tiger, bison, sambhar, barking deer, spotted deer, hog deer, wild pig etc. Birds found here include the Bengal florican, crested eagle, peafowl, partridge, and lesser pied hornbill etc. The park has eight species of turtles, in addition to reptiles like the cobra, gecko, python, monitor lizard etc.

A grassland fed by the Torsha river, as well as, other smaller rivers, Jaldapara National Park is a treasure trove of biodiversity, home to many rare animals and birds.

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