The Moti Daman Fort is one of the most significant tourist spots in Daman that attracts visitors in droves. Sprawling over an area of about 30,000 sq m, the ancient fort is famous for housing a large number of cannons. These beautifully designed cannons leave visitors fascinated with their noteworthy carvings. The Moti Daman Fort is also famous for the Church of Bom Jesus, the Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary and the Church of Our Lady of Remedies. Visiting the fort makes for a truly intriguing experience for history lovers. The fort was built with an aim to protect the Portuguese against invasion by the Mughal army in 1559. In close proximity to the fort lies the house of the eminent Portuguese poet Bocage, which houses his marble tomb. Entry to the house is prohibited and it remains locked.

Other Attractions in Daman