Established in 1679 AD, the St Mary’s Church is located inside the Fort St George complex. It is one of the oldest Anglican English churches, whose 5-ft-thick walls are believed to be explosion proof. Some of the unique adornments of the church include a Bible that dates back to 1660 AD, few silver plates and a pure silver plaque, along with numerous other important artefacts. A beautiful gallery falls to the western end of the church and rests on carved Burma teak pillars. The gallery can be accessed via two curved staircases from outside. The church has been built in the European style of architecture, with the structure being constructed in a rectangular shape. The building is made of polished lime and mortar and has a uniquely curved roof, along with wooden decorations and exquisitely intricate glass work. Located in the heart of the city, the church sees thousands of footfalls every year.

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