Home to about 500 species of plants and over 80 trees, the Semmozhi Poonga is a botanical garden that is ideal for family outings. It is like a green lung right in the centre of the daily din of the city. It was designed to house indigenous and foreign plants and spreads over an area of almost 20 acre. Tall trees, small groves, lush vines, exotic flowers like orchids, green lawns, ponds and walkways add to the beauty of the park. Swings, slides, scaffolding, and a sandpit make up the in-house children’s park. Outside food is not allowed but there is a small food court located inside the park that offers a variety of delicacies.  The garden has over eight sub-gardens including rock garden, butterfly garden, fern garden and many more themed gardens; an artificial duck pond and an open seating area that can be booked for events. 

Shutterbugs can visit it for stunning photographs and the location has also been featured in a number of films. Exotic plants, including a plethora of bonsai varieties of ficus microcarpa and ficus ginseng, are imported from countries like China and Thailand. There are a variety of swings and see-saws in the park for kids to have a fun time. The lake with its crystalline water offers a mesmerising view. With family and friends, this place is a delight to explore with dancing lights and well-maintained tree lines.

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