The capitol complex has been set against the mighty Shivalik range and almost competes with the mountains for grandeur. The complex includes three distinctive masterpieces of Le Corbusier (architect of the city of Chandigarh): the Secretariat, the High Court and the Legislative Assembly. These buildings are separated by large piazzas that provide relief from the towering constructions. It is within the capitol complex that the large and formidable Open Hand monument is situated. A part of the capitol complex, this monument is the largest and tallest of the all the three edifices. Shaped like a concrete-slab, the Secretariat is eight storeys tall. It was built during 1953-59 and has the distinctive brise-soleil-louvered screen of deeply sculptured two-storey porticos in the centre. The cafeteria, which is also a part of the building, has been established on the terrace and gives a splendid view of the city. It has been designed like an art object in itself.  

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