The gorgeous meenakari craft is used to make decorative products like jewellery boxes, idols, dining sets, trays, bowls, key chains etc. The artisans that produce meenakari work are called meenakars and their craft is passed on from one generation to another.

Meenakari is made by fusing individual pieces made out of coloured glass powder. Apart from using glass, the powder of various semi-precious and precious stones is also used in the colouring process. These raw materials are later used to embellish or paint various types of metals in dramatic motifs of birds, flowers and leaves. The meenakari craft originally belongs to Persia and was introduced to Rajasthan by Amer's ruler, Raja Man Singh I (1550-1614). The craft was first used to create designs on the back of traditional polki jewellery but as it gained popularity, it came up with its own intricate designs that featured in reversible jewellery items.