The Panch Dhara is a group of five water streams that originate in Badrinath. These streams are named as Prahlad Dhara, Kurma Dhara, Bhrigu Dhara , Urvashi Dhara and Indira Dhara. Out of the five, the most striking stream is the Indira Dhara, which is located at a distance of 1.5 km from Badrinath. The Urvashi Dhara is on the right of the Ganga river while the Bhrigu Dhara passes through a number of caves. The Kurma Dhara is known for its extremely cold water whereas, the Prahlad Dhara has lukewarm water that flows down the rocks of Narayan Mountain. Near the Tapt kund are five stones collectively known as the Panch Shilas. These include Narad Shila, Narsimh Shila, Barah Shila, Gaur Shila and Markandeya Shila.

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