A stunning expanse of rocky terrain, dotted with rock-cut cave temples and red sandstone cliffs, the town of Badami, in Karnataka, is nestled in a gorge between two rugged sandstone hills. Established around the pristine and holy Agastya Lake, which hosts a scattering of temples on its shores, Badami speaks of a glorious past that has left it a rich legacy in the form of carvings, fortresses and cave temples. Strewn with boulders and sandstone rocks with cracks that aid in a better grip, the town is a hub of rock climbing, inviting adventure-enthusiasts from far and wide to test their mettle against craggy rocks.

Badami is home to a number of archaeological structures of the Dravidian era, which are remnants of the Chalukyan empire, who made Badami their capital between the 4th and the 8th centuries. The town was then a major business centre and legend has it that gold and precious stones were traded in the markets here. Badami is an archaeological paradise as the majestic architecture and intricate sculptures found here testify of the reign of powerful dynasties like Rashtrakutas, Pallavas and Marathas around the region. In fact, some of the temples of Badami have a mixed influence of South Indian architecture and North Indian Nagara style. Located 590 km from Bengaluru and 128 km from Bijapur, Badami wows a visitor with its rich history, beautiful architecture, ancient temples and rock climbing opportunities.