One of the most popular tourist attractions of Faizabad, the Gulab Bari is a charming lush green garden, home to the magnificent tomb of Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula, the third nawab of Avadh, who ruled between 1753 and 1775. This tourist stopover is noted for its wide variety of roses, which draw nature lovers and botanists from all parts of the country. Gulab Bari was used to host significant religious functions during the nawab's reign. Built in the Islamic style of architecture, the imposing tomb is one of the best designed monuments in Uttar Pradesh. As you enter the garden, a large pillar with India's National Emblem welcomes you. A well-maintained walkway lined with swaying coconut trees on either sides leads you to an ancient arched gateway. To enter the garden, you need to pass through this imposing gateway. The garden also houses a beautiful mosque and a small watchtower that stands right next to the mosque. Walking through the arched passages of the tomb makes for a fascinating experience.

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