A wide range of regional handicrafts makes Aurangabad a shopper’s paradise. One can buy unique styles and crafts like Himroo shawls that have an extra layer of loose silk weft, which makes them so soft that they almost feel like silk. Some popular Himroo items that you can buy are shawls, pillowcases, jackets, bed sheets, coats and curtains. A Paithani saree is a treat if you're in Aurangabad. A luxurious weave, it has the distinction of looking exactly the same on both sides, including the border and the pallu. The time taken to create a saree is about a month or two and involves careful coordination of hand, foot and eye. While one colour thread is used length-wise, another colour is used width-wise. This step enables the saree to reflect light off it and display a beautiful colour play. In fact, it appears as it the saree is almost changing its colour. A unique handmade paper that is manufactured in the village of Kaghzipura is also a must-buy. This art of paper-making is said to be about 700 years old, dating back to the times of Muhammad Tughalaq, the Sultan of Delhi. Another attraction is bidriware and one can buy many articles like plates, bowls, vases, ashtrays, jewellery etc., which are made with gold and silver thread inlaid in copper.

Other Attractions in Aurangabad