In the serene surroundings of the Aravallis, 3,281 ft above sea level, rests the beautiful village of Todgarh. It is known for its colonial buildings, serpentine roads and pristine waterfalls, which make for the perfect getaway for both history and nature lovers. Home to one of the finest eco-tourism spots of Rajasthan, the Todgarh - Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary, preserves leopard, sloth-bear, Indian gazelle, blue bull, Indian wolf, etc., along with a wide variety of birds. Another attraction includes the Dudheshwar Temple, which is located at the heart of the sanctuary. It is named after Lord Shiva and houses a perpetual source of spring water. It is a calm space surrounded by banyan and tamarind trees. One should not fail to visit the Bheelberi Waterfall when in Todgarh, which is probably the highest waterfall in Rajasthan. Apart from the eco-tourism sites, it is home to some notable spots like Pragya Shikhar and Victorian Era Church and School.

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