Sprawled around the serene Pushkar Lake, the quaint town of Pushkar boasts a dramatic landscape of sand dunes, lakes, hills and forests. Steeped in spirituality, Pushkar, literally translated means lotus flower, and is believed to be the seat of Lord Brahma. Thus, Pushkar is among the rare places to house a temple of Lord Brahma. A red-spired structure that was built during the 14th century CE, it invites devotees from far and wide. Legend has it that Lord Brahma once dropped a lotus on the ground, leading to the immediate creation of a lake, which he later named after the flower.


The soul of Pushkar vibrates in its streets and one can enjoy the city through the labyrinth of alleys and lanes, bazaars and the ghats. The Pushkar Fair (Pushkar Mela) that features a fete of cattle, horses and camels is famous all over the world. It is a seven-day affair that takes place during the months of October and November. The liveliness of the fair attracts nearly 2,00,000 people every year, including vendors, buyers and sellers of horses, camels and buffaloes. Various stalls such as those of handlooms, snacks, sweetmeats, ice crushes, bangles, camel saddles are set up to attract visitors.

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