The highest and the most spectacular waterfalls in the state, the Vantawng Falls is tucked amidst dense forests and resembles a stream of milk. Plummeting down from a height of 750 ft, it is believed to be the 13th highest waterfall in India. The falls is surrounded by bamboo groves and since the terrain is a bit difficult, a viewing post has been set up by the Tourism Department to enable visitors to enjoy the view. The waterfall sources its water from the Vanva river nearby.

According to legend, the waterfall has been named after an excellent swimmer called Vantawng, whose prowess was comparable to a fish's. It is believed that once upon a time when he was swimming in the pool at the base of the waterfall, he was killed by a drifting log. The Vantawng Falls lie about 137 km from Aizawl.

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