One of foremost and premier textile museums, not only in the country but also the world, the Calico Museum of Textiles has a wide collection of fabrics that are from different regions of the country and belong to different time periods. The concept behind setting up this museum was to create awareness,  and conserve and empower the textile heritage of the nation. Located in the premises of the Sarabhai Foundation, which was started in 1959 by Smt Sarladevi Sarabhai and Sri Ambalal Sarabhai in the Shahibaug area, the museum was inspired by Dr Ananda Coomaraswamy and housed in the large industrial house of Calico. It moved to its present premises in 1983. The galleries at the museum are open on all days of the week except Wednesdays and a few public holidays. The guided tour starts at 10.30 am and ends at 1.00 pm. Entry is free and only permitted between 10.15 am and 10.30 am. 

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