With the armed forces of the nation putting up a spectacular show of their military might and the various representatives of the states showcasing their rich culture, the Republic Day parade is a vibrant and vigorous event.

On January 26, every year, millions of people all over India wake up to celebrate Republic Day, to commemorate the day when India adopted the Constitution and became a democracy in 1950. While the country witnessed its first spectacular parade in 1950 at Irwin Stadium (now National Stadium) in New Delhi, from 1955, the centre point of the parade has been Rajpath in the national capital. This year, the Republic Day parade will be of a shorter duration. The day will see the participation of the Bangladesh armed forces in view of the 50th anniversary of the 1971 war of liberation.At the beginning of the parade, winners of gallantry awards salute the President in open military jeeps that are followed by majestic tanks, various missiles and other arsenals of the Indian army. Following close behind is the marchpast of different regiments of the armed forces, police, Home Guards and National Cadet Corps. The President of India, being the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces, takes the salute. |

A particular highlight of the parade is the flypast that involves the participation of 41 aircraft. All of these take off from different centres of the Air Force but still arrive on Rajpath at the same time.