A paradise for nature lovers, trekkers and ornithologists, the Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary offers a thrilling experience with its undisturbed forests, gushing water streams and steep hills. Pakshipathalam can be explored with a local guide as it involves a trek of 7 km through dense forest area, which starts from Thirunelli. The sanctuary is surrounded by enormous boulders and several deep caves, which are home to some rare species of birds, plants and animals. Your guide will help you in spotting herds of gaurs and giant Malabar squirrels as you walk through narrow muddy lanes lined with trees and sight beautiful birds on your way. Pakshipathalam is a favourite spot among adventure seekers who are challenged by the steep hill topography and drawn by awe-inspiring virgin forests and scenic streams. The place is best known as the home of edible nest swiftlet, whose nest is made of solidified saliva. Permission from the DFO (North Wayanad) is necessary to get to Pakshipathalam.

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