Situated atop Moti Magri, this memorial overlooks the Fateh Sagar Lake. The memorial was constructed by Maharana Bhwagwat Singh of Mewar to commemorate the brave Maharana Pratap and his loyal horse, Chetak. The highlight of the memorial is the life-sized statue of Maharana Pratap riding on Chetak. It is said that Chetak was an extremely loyal horse to the Maharana and stood by him till his last breath. The memorial also houses some great paintings which portray the chivalry of the royals and depict incidents from the life of Maharana Pratap. Visiting the memorial also offers tourists an opportunity to witness some of the best views of Udaipur city from the hill top. Visitors can also check out the splendid Japanese Rock Garden and the remains of an an old fort of the city.

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