Located 150 m away from City Palace, Jagdish Temple is made in the Indo- Aryan style of architecture and named after Maharana Jagat Singh, who ruled between 1628 and 53. Known as the largest in Udaipur, the three-storeyed temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is adorned with carved pillars, decorated ceilings and painted walls. The main shrine has the figurine of the four-armed Lord Vishnu carved out of a single black stone. The main shrine is surrounded by four smaller shrines of Lord Ganesha, the Sun God, Goddess Shakti and Lord Shiva. The first and second floors of the temple house 50 intricately carved pillars each. The shikhar or spire of the main temple, around 80 feet high, dominates the skyline of Udaipur. Decorated with sculptures of dancers, elephants, horsemen and musicians, it's a spectacular piece of art.

A pair of marble elephants welcome visitors to the temple and there is a stone slab here that has inscriptions which refer to Jagat Singh. A flight of 32 steps lead to the main shrine, where stands a brass idol of Garuda, the mount of Lord Vishnu.

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