Endowed with unmatched natural beauty, Satmalia is a great place for nature and wildlife lovers, thanks to its rich biodiversity. The main attraction is Satmalia Deer Park, which lies in close proximity to Vasona Lion Safari Park. It is home to many species of deer and antelopes. The best time to visit the deer park is during the early morning hours when the deer can be seen feeding in large numbers. The park is lined with well-maintained mud trails where one can easily spot deer roaming leisurely. To explore the park, tourists can hire government gypsy vans that can be availed for thirty minutes. While the antelope is pretty popular here, one can also come across sambar, chital deer and blackbucks. Birdwatchers can catch exciting sightings of the flameback woodpecker, peacocks and thrushes. While visiting here, one should try to get on to the machan (watchtower) near the waterhole that provides a panoramic view of the sanctuary and the Madhuban Dam. Satmalia lies on the way from Silvassa to Khanvel and makes for an amazing spot to spend some quality leisure time.

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