The Coronation Bridge, which marked the coronation of King George V, affords the most amazing walks with a vantage view of lush forests, verdant hills, waterfalls, flowing rivers and streams, a glowing sunrise, and a beautiful sunset. It is also a monument to progress and perseverance, a remarkable engineering feat and a vital link between Siliguri and the Darjeeling Hills. It also connects the Northeast with the rest of India across the mighty Teesta River.

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  1. The bridge is a steel truss bridge and is one of the oldest and most historic bridges in the region, which took 8 years to build.

  2. The bridge spans the river Teesta and connects Siliguri with the Darjeeling hills, connecting people, communities, and cultures.

  3. It was completed in 1937, the bridge was named after the coronation of King George V of England.

  1. Coronation Bridge, one of the most iconic landmarks in Siliguri is popularly known as Sevoke Bridge, named after the nearby town of Sevoke.

  2. The bridge has played a vital role in the development of the region and has served as a major transportation hub.

  3. The bridge is a popular tourist spot due to its beautiful and scenic location surrounded by hills and the river Teesta.

  1. The Indian government has taken steps towards the maintenance and repair of the bridge and improvement of the approach roads.

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  1. During the time of its construction, the bridge was considered an engineering marvel, due to its unique design of combining steel with stone.

  2. The bridge is a popular tourist spot, especially during the monsoon season, when it offers a breathtakingly beautiful view of the surrounding hills and the cascading Teesta River.


  1. During the British Raj, it was used as a strategic point to transport goods and military supplies from the plains of Siliguri to the hills of Darjeeling.

  2. The bridge is an engineering marvel and has withstood the test of time. It has survived several floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters without any damage. However, in an earthquake in 2011 a 2.5 feet long crack developed in the middle.


  1. It is also a great spot for birdwatching.





Visitors can come at any time as the Coronation Bridge remains open throughout the day.



The weather in Siliguri is typically hot and humid during the summer months, with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 40°C. During the winter months, temperatures can drop as low as 10°C and the city receives moderate rainfall. The region experiences monsoons from mid-June to mid-September.

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From opulent hotels to intimate bed and breakfasts that offer a cozy atmosphere, Siliguri has something for every type of traveler.