Situated on the Dhari-Una road amid scenic setting, Tulsishyam Hot Springs are believed to have curative powers. Pilgrims can often be seen bathing in the waters. The springs also find mention in the Puranas and are referred to as 'Taptodak'. Legend has it that Lord Krishna killed a demon, Tul, and thus the place has been named Tulsishyam: Tulsi for tul and shyam for Lord Krishna.

There is a temple by the same name located in the vicinity that is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is said to be a hundred years old and is a major pilgrim centre. It houses about 200 cows in its gaushala (cow shed). While visiting the springs, rope in a visit to the evening arti (a fire ritual) that is quite a sight. Lunch and dinner are provided free to visitors here.

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