Also known as Salarganj Gate, the intricately designed Bab-i-Faiz is built with bricks and has a stone foundation. It once served as an entrance to the historic city of Panipat and consists of two arched openings at both ends of the passage. The sides of the outer multi-fold arch are decorated with panels and arched recesses while the inner arches are cased in red sandstone. An inscription in Urdu recorded over the pointed arch of the gateway reads "Bab-i-Faiz Nawab Sadiq-1129", thus the gateway is known as Bab-i-Faiz gate, which means door of beneficence. The gate stands as a testament to the historic past of Panipat and adds to the old-world charm of the bustling city. It was built by Nawab Sadiq in 1737 AD.

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