Malampuzha Garden is a fascinating architectural marvel made from broken pieces of bangles, tiles, plastic cans, tins and other waste materials. It was designed by renowned artist Nek Chand, who was also the brain behind the iconic Rock Garden of Chandigarh. The garden also houses a massive statue of Malampuzha Yakshi (a demigoddess) built in 1969 by Kanayi Kunhiraman, a well-known and respected sculptor from the state. Its well-manicured gardens and flower beds invite visitors to relax and unwind. A canal flows through the middle of the garden that has two hanging bridges. A ropeway that passes through the garden gives scenic aerial views of the area. There are boating facilities available in the garden as well.

The garden is located at the foot of an irrigation dam, called Malampuzha Dam. It was built to boost the agriculture of the state in the 20th century. Tourists can head to the Kava Viewpoint just behind the dam, from where spectacular views of verdant hills and lush landscapes can be availed. Kava is also called as the womb of the raincloud as it is here that the first rain clouds form.

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